Services Available for Corporates

From mental health to checkups and  preventive care,  exams, our primary care physicians and providers work to keep you and your whole family healthy and strong each and every day.

Services for Corporates

Our cutting-edge workshops are based on adult learning principles that engage the audience through fun-filled activities based on modern scientific research. Get ready for an experience of a lifetime as we prepare of modern psychology, business insights, technology-based tools and best practices borrowed from elite athletes.

When an employee takes up a leadership position, their roles, responsibilities and desired competencies are significantly changed. Our flagship leadership development program for managers has been specifically designed to cope with those changes. It consists of a series of workshops, one-on-one & group coaching sessions that enhance managerial competencies such as leadership behaviors, emotional intelligence and communication styles. If you wish to take your managerial game to the next level, we highly recommend utilizing this program.
Wellness is not just about physical fitness; it is a holistic phenomenon that encompasses physical, cognitive, emotional, nutritional and spiritual wellness. If we were artists, wellness can be compared to a stable stage on which we perform the act of our lives. The stability of the stage is absolutely essential for the act to go well. Our wellness programs incorporate workshops, counselling and group coaching sessions for helping corporate improve the quality of their lives and thereby boosting their performance.
  • Enhance employee skills and knowledge
  • Collaboratively design with managers
  • Consider strengths, weaknesses, and career goals
  • Include specific goals, timelines, and resources
  • Regular review and feedback for progress
  • Benefits include skilled, motivated, and loyal employees
  • Crucial for organizational success
  • Implement regular feedback, recognition programs, and growth opportunities
  • Increases motivation, productivity, and reduces turnover
  • Customize initiatives to fit employee needs
  • Continuously assess and adapt

Services for Individuals

Do you wish there was someone who could just listen to you without being judgmental? We offer unconditional support to our clients and help them come out of life’s biggest challenges. We have assisted individuals across all six continents and our methods have proven life transforming.
Humans are social animals that survive and thrive through relationships. We are at our best, when we are in a team. Our group coaching sessions create a psychologically safe space that fosters personal and collective growth. Our sessions also help group members to cope with life’s challenges by sharing life experiences with each other.
Life is infinite in its every way, but we may often create self-limiting beliefs that may prevent us from being truly happy. Through our life coaching services, we help you break all those shackles and explore your true and infinite self.
Relationships are two-way streets that need a lot of care and nurturing. We use research based psychological interventions to enhance communication and build healthier and sustainable relationships.
Children are like sponges to observe and absorb everything they see around them. These observations can often become hardcoded beliefs that mould their personalities. It is therefore critically important to create an environment of love, trust and healthy communication between parents and children. We help parents provide the best possible environment for nurturing kids into healthy and functional adults.

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From immunizations to checkups and  preventive care,  exams, our primary care physicians and providers work to keep you and your whole family healthy and strong each and every day.